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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 186
February 22, 2017

Edit: @Minno, I am so sorry, I think I deleted your comment! I really need to stop moderating comments from my phone--sometimes where I click is not where my phone thinks I clicked, and the delete button is OF COURSE right next to the APPROVE button. Great UI.

_______________ And we're back!

Well, I'm back. Because I went to a place and it was mighty fun!

This past weekend (17-19th), I tabled at No Such Con at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, NY. Guys, it was my first chance at freedom convention since I last shaved my head for Bald for Bucks in 2011 and went to Penguicon shortly after. And the only reason I even remember that is because I was bald. Grad school, man. Black hole of time!

Anyway, No Such Con! I'd like to thank the con organizers for gifting me with guest status and a table. It was very generous of you! And massive thanks to my friend Pete Tarkulich of Bardsworth for organizing that for me! He really went out on a limb for me to make all that happen, and I really recommend you check out his comic! His comic has been one of my favorites for years!

At the con, I met some wonderful people, and it reminded me of what I really missed about conventions. Sure, selling stuff is nice, but let's be honest--I don't do cons to make a buck. I used to try and did ok, but I find that sort of thing to be an incredibly depressing goal as an indie creator. I used to attend a lot more conventions earlier in my webcomic career and...well...a lot of cons are frankly money pits unless you make really great fan art of well known characters, or merchandise into something else not related to your comic. It's rare for cons to even recognize local talent (which, by the way, would LOVE TO ATTEND YOUR CONVENTION IF YOU'D JUST THROW THEM A TINY BONE), but I digress. No Such Con was great to the locals so check out these amazing people below:

Kaiser and Richard of Eagle Ordinary. I love love love discovering new webcomic creators at conventions, and these two were no exception. Not only is Kaiser a freakin fantastic artist, but Richard had me falling apart laughing on multiple occasions. Pete and I invited them to crash our panel on Webcomics How-to, and I think we all had a blast. I got a space dog from Kaiser that I'm gonna frame, I kid you not.

JM DeSantis of Chandhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu. I grabbed issues 1 and 2 of Chandhiyana, a series featuring a kick-ass Indian fighter lady set in a medieval, darkly magical, subcontinent. As I was reading it, I could hear Colbey cheering in my head :D Also, this guy does AMAZING watercolors, and that's so rare to find in comics. Much respect.

Matt Farley of Motern Media freaking loaded me up with DVDs and a CD when he saw me going for his buddy cop movie, Slingshot Cops. I admit, I'm a total junkie for that specific genre of entertainment. He added Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You and Freaky Farley and a CD just because he's an damn awesome dude. See some previews of his movies here!

I also got to talk with Dezi Sienty of much publishing fame. I hope you get to work on Spiderman, dude!

And let's not forget Thomm Quackenbush, author and Artist/Writers Panel Moderator. I only got to join in on the artist's panel, but Thomm will be publishing the podcast in the near future, and I will be sure to link. EDIT! Link!

I grabbed something from all of the above creators, but hahaha have yet to read most of it. Oh gosh, got home, prepared for lab meeting the next morning, and nose is back to the grindstone. But soooooon. When SpiderForest application season finally ends, there might be some free time. :D

If you are a new reader joining us from No Such Con, welcome! Sorry about the massive archives! Thanks for even just visiting and hopefully, you like the story!

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