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February 11, 2017

Got home from work on friday only to have to take the dog to the Emergency Vet! He got jumped on his walk and has a nice vampire-looking chomp on his leg. Didn't get home until after midnight. Comic update by end of the day Saturday.
Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 183
February 10, 2017

Well guys, it was a sucker punch of a weekend, and I'm just going to have to make up the extra monday update later in the month, probably Feb 27th. Sorry!

In this page we have another cameo of Maj. Sarah Bronniford of 6-Commando. Major Sarah is hard at work making sure the chemical weapons are loaded...but not enough to kill anyone! Thanks Mathieu for letting me steal borrow your character for this extended cameo!

I'm not sure Colbey would agree with this humanitarian strategy. We'll see!

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