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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 180
February 3, 2017

Holy wall of text, Batman!

Sometimes I'm not sure what the heck I was thinking when I script pages. This is one of them. Might get edited out in later drafts, I dunno.

I find the effect of brain injury on personality and executive function incredibly interesting...but I dunno if y'all do. There are lot of case reports of brain injury resulting in lack of empathy or display of emotions. One story specifically (not that I can find it, argh) detailed a husband who was in a car crash I think. He had only a minor injury, but it happened to be at the sweet spot of emotional processing. His wife ended up divorcing him because he was "a different person." The strangest part of these stories to me is that the husband was never aware that he had changed, that he couldn't process emotion, or that anything was wrong with him.

And I added this aspect in to Toshiro's story because I didn't want an "evil" villain--instead, I wanted a damaged human being who thought he had made a choice to protect his nephew. My concern is that I never hinted at this early enough, so instead of feeling like part of the script, it just feels "out of character," as they say. I think I will definitely add a scar to Toshiro's head or hairline in the revision process, to make it apparent something was wrong. Also, that Peter notices something off in Arc 14, where they reunite for the first time. Notes notes notes. Lots to do.

So who's the bad guy in this story?

I dunno.

But Colbey has an opinion she's tired of holding back. She'll let you know what it is on Monday.

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