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More updates!
January 23, 2017

For the time being, on my off-mondays, I'm gonna be posting the work I'm doing in the background!

16 of 22 pages in arc 1 have been updated for print. Check out the public posts on patreon for direct comparisons!

And if you would consider backing me on Patreon, all funds go toward the eventual print version of What it Takes! The less I save up (about 3k so far) the less I have to raise by kickstarter :3. AND, if we reach the next goal ($200/month) that's another extra update each month, and I get to bank about $20/page.

Thanks folks!

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 176
January 20, 2017

The dynamic between these two is something I enjoy, so I inserted this short scene. I also felt it was kind of necessary considering the past. Not much more to say today--I've had an extremely busy week and if I can just get through tomorrow, I think it'll be ok.

Catch you next wednesday! The next monday update doesn't start back up until February thanks to 5 weeks of mondays this month :) Unleeessss we meet another patreon goal Also, I thought my readers might appreciate:

Check out this video my instructor at Filipino Martial Arts Academy just unleashed as a promo for his addition of the hammer to an already heavy arsenal of Kali/Escrima weaponry.

Kali/FMA is the BEST guys. If there’s a school near you, I highly suggest you check it out. (I may be biased, but it’s literally my 4th style and by far my favorite).

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