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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 172
January 9, 2017

Does someone look familiar on this page? Major Sarah Bronniford from the peri-apocalyptic military sci-fi comic 6 Commando will be making an extended cameo as Head of City Security.

She doesn't like Colbey very much.

Then again, not many people do. Thanks Mr. Average for permission to use her likeness! And probably her snark.

Voting challenge continues! Vote to see Peter's "Spidersona." It's even sillier than Colbey's. This comic is part of SpiderForest and it's something silly we're all up to. If you get me to the top 25 50 100?? (apparently I need to temper my expectations...) I'll add an extra update this month. We're at about ~150 right now, but historically we've been in the top 100 no prob!

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