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December 20, 2016

Oops, forgot!

The Crimson Claw is a family man, fiercely devoted to the people he loves, and...largely indifferent to the rest. He's a well-known supervillain who played the game the smart way, and built both a home and one heck of an arsenal. In the capes world, life can be chaotic, and it's not easy to raise a family. The Crimson Claw, however, is hardly the type to back down from a challenge. This comic is loads of fun and also super touching. If you enjoyed Dr. Evil's Sing Along Blog, you'll like it! (but there's no singing, sorry)

In the year 3007 a reality crash has wiped everything out. The last known survivor, Axel Kepler is working his way backwards through time, trying to figure out where it all went wrong. With a severely out of touch Database, a Transmutation Device for food (that if anything, makes molecules less edible than they were before) and only a cryptic Blueprint left by his sister to guide him, he needs help…
He needs a Team.
Together, they will find out how to fix things, who the good guys really are… and why people from the future have such cheesy haircuts.

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 164
December 19, 2016

Sorry about missing Friday! It was a really rough week and I ended up working late multiple nights in a row. No comic time :(

But I'm making up that update this week, so it's MWF updates!

Something I'm concerned about that I'm really missing in this chapter is that my bad guys aren't bad enough, or rather, their motives aren't bad enough to be bad guys. A concept I adhere to with villains is that they never think they are the bad guys. They aren't setting out to "do evil."

Arthur thinks he is righting a great injustice against himself. He's on a vengeance quest, which often is part of any protagonist's story line.

Toshiro would do anything to protect Peter, including most definitely separating him from what he considers a bad relationship. It doesn't help that with his diagnosis, he may not be able to think clearly or act rationally.

Marisol would do anything to protect her City (and her son, Alex), including betraying the City just enough that no one would lose their lives fighting a needless battle. A small amount of collateral damage is both expected and acceptable if it saves many more lives.

And Snatch? She was a pawn, used by all three of them to do their dirty work, until Colbey came along and tossed everything on its head.

Colbey's not exactly the most virtuous heroine either. Doesn't like killing but will do it. Easier to do it when protecting others. How much of herself will she sacrifice for her end goal of reuniting with Peter, and will they be the same people they were before?

Questions questions. We'll get there soon. I'm pushing this story to it's end as fast as I can.

Catch you on Wednesday!

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