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Arc 4 - The Yeti - Page 2
October 1, 2010

Hey all! Super tired, didn't finish shading the page, will do later.

As a reminder, you too can sign up to be killed off in this comic! Red Shirts are ALWAYS wanted here <3

Sign up in the forum! Please read the first post for rules.

EDIT: Goooood morning, all! It's Friday, so by default, life is good. Unless you're on the other side of the planet, in which case it's SATURDAY, but that is beside the point (and saturday is a good day too). And I ramble. I drew this page live on Ustream last night, you can keep track of me on the forum, Facebook or Twitter to find out when I will next be Ustreaming. When I do, I offer an "ask a question, any question" regarding any of comics, so spoilers abound! Only ONE question gets answered each time, and that depends on the speed of your trigger finger ability to hit the enter key really really fast. One caveat: I will not answer a question that has already been asked!

Comment Replies

Mark: Some right, and some wrong! We'll see when we get there. *strokes evil goatee on Will Riker life-size cut-out* (Ok, no, I don't have a Will Riker cut out!)

Darwin: I hope!

Metaldude: We're men (manly men!)! We're men in tiiighhhhttttsss! Available in 3 different color combinations!