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Arc 1 - My Life Sucks - Page 7
January 26, 2010

This page was edited to reflect current character design on January 16, 2017.

Oh no! Can nothing go right for Colbey? If it did, I don't think this story would exist. Sorry, Colbey, your back is ALWAYS gonna be against the wall. Don't you glare at me or I'll think of worse things to put you through *raises eyebrow and waits* Yeah, that's what I tho---THWACK. Hey!

Welcome back, O readers of my newest comic! I truly am loving drawing What it Takes. It's so much simpler to draw than my other comic(s), but far more fulfilling because I can do it FASTER. If you think readers are annoyed at 1 update a week, try being the creator of that full-color, detailed comic who can't wait to get a certain scene he or she KNOWS is coming...but is always weeks away. I really love color and detail, but sometimes, I swear, it's just not worth it. Half the time no one even notices the details or is even aware of the effort that goes in to it. Seriously disheartening. But I ramble! I have some awesome art to show off today!

Holy fried carp on a stick, this comic has only been active for one week, and already there are TWO pieces of fan art! The first comes from Darwin, the mad artiste behind, like, a bazillion comics, all of which I read and love, and like this comic, are for mature audiences only! Check out Colbey in traditional media, and her usual grumpy self too! Makes me want to go pick up my own colored pencils if only I didn't suck goat balls at using them D:

The second AMAZING piece comes James Roden of Requiem! Ker-fracking frick frack check that out. James is a complete MASTER at this 3D rendering. LOOK AT COLBEY! She looks real! *dances* Love it! James' story is also post-apocalyptic, but his has aliens and is therefore, much cooler than mine will ever be. BUT LOOK AT COLBEY WOW. Both of these are also up on the gallery page, and please, feel free to submit your own! Email me at <3

Thank you James and Darwin! You guys are the best!

Go check out both their sites, and check back on Friday for another update here! Don't forget, the sketches (minus text) of the next strips are up in the forum! Now, my forum has been preeettty quiet lately. So, I encourage you to join. Just sayin'.