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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 147
October 19, 2016


Thank you everyone who pledged to the first ever Spiderforest Kickstarter! We made our goal, and TWO stretch goals!

Up this week for Comics of the Week are myself and Arbalest! Which means, Arbalest gets aaaaallll the glory :D

"For six months of darkness at the top of the world, Haelu lives amongst the villagers of Arbalest. Like every Night Twin before her, Haelu is a monster, destined for sacrifice. Unlike every Night Twin before her, Haelu dreams of a way out. Together with a candlemaker from a broken home, she will learn to transcend the role that Arbalest has laid out for her."

Arbalest is new comic that updates weekly, and reading it is like smelling a delicious steak on the grill--you know what's coming is going to be pretty awesome. What I really enjoy about the story is that it's told from Haelu's (the monster's) perspective. Since she doesn't who or what she is, you get to discover the creepiness first hand WITH her. And now, add to that the deep dark of a far northern winter, creepy shadow figures only Haelu can see, and villages who all know what's supposed to happen but won't tell her.

So far it reads like a supernatural mystery thriller, and I think you guys will love it :) Our readers seem to cross over pretty well! Please check it out!

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