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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 22
September 21, 2010

I got sloshed enough this evening this page nearly didn't get made!



Ok, now that I've admitted THAT (it was a rough day, ok?!), this strip ends Arc 3 AND the death scene of Barb Jacobs (did you miss that? It was mainly the previous strip). Originally dialogue here was going to be some quip about the price of a gun, the ammo, and the pricelessness of taking out a distant target, but, meh. This has better foreshadowing (hint hint) even if it isn't as snarky. For Friday there will be a cover page up--I decided I ought to start making them just so it's easier to break up the storylines.

Comment Replies

@Sayanni: Glad you enjoyed the expressions, it was quite fun for me as well! I'm so used to drawing Ravar's constant snarl that this is a total breath of fresh air. Though...I do so love Ravar's snarl <3.

@Sharon: Arc 4 features MEGA amount of cameos and some deaths, so I'll shortly be casting more Red Shirts. And indeed, Barb has already made an avatar of her glorious death scene.

@Octodude: Barb was so easy to draw here, she had so many reference pics to choose from on FB! Glad you enjoyed her violent death, bwah hah hah. I hope she will enjoy yours half as much!

@Aquila Audax: That panel is my favorite Colbey panel so far. <3

@Babs: You are awesome. Thank you for enjoying my sexist webcomic (inside joke, peeps).

@Xanthine: Moody guardian angel--I LOVE that.

Darwin: Thanks, chica!