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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 132 TEMP
September 2, 2016

Sorry for the unfinished page. I had work show up with a short deadline, and it was pretty important that I get it done. Finished page will be up ASAP.


Are you a Patron (or interested in becoming one during September)? Get yourself a free print, signed and mailed to you! Just email me ( your mailing address and I will send them out in a few weeks. If you are not a patron, I will be selling them for $5 + shipping.


A very wonderful reader who has a long-term cameo has made me a batch of Colbey buttons! Do you want one of your own?

Here's how you get them! I am out of town from September 17-25th, so I'm looking for things to put during that week. To land yourself a button (and they are nice large size), please send in some fan art or some flash fiction with the theme of surviving! Email it to along with your mailing address, and you get a button! If no one sends anything, you get, uh, pictures of things I do in my spare time. Like the sword sheath I finally finished! But really I'd rather have an excuse to send people buttons XD

Thank you Dr. Gholston for the buttons!

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