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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 21
September 19, 2010

*Cackles madly*

And here we have the glorious death of one Barb Jacobs, creator of Xyliatales! This was a total spur of the moment Red Shirt Death, since I realized, well, I had a space to fill and this was far easier than coming up with some new character. Barb gets one more panel in the next comic too. In the words of Worf, it is a good day to die!

Oh. And Octodude? You're up next. Heh. Heheheheh. As are the many people signed up to be part of Colbey's Red Shirt Squad! Want to get killed off in good fun? Sign up.

Only one more page in this story arc! Reading everyone's comments this past week has been making me laugh my butt off. WHAT WAS SHE DOING OMG COLBEY DON'T KILL HIM NO WAIT KILL HIM AND TAKE HIS STUFF BUT YOU'RE THE GOOD CHARACTER I DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON!!!!11!!one!!! Yes, I exaggerate. heh.

Comment Replies

Xanthine: Yup, you about covered those possibilities! Were they ordered from most likely to least likely as well?

Darwin: You called it! Had she shot him, there would have been at LEAST a little blood, even with a .22 or something, especially since this is my fun comic and I would have added it for the sake of drama. Colbey saved his ass, yet again!

Octodude: Yo, been loving all your comments in my inbox! You had so many, I kinda can't remember any D: But thanks! <3 And see above ;)

Sharon: You know you love it!