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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 110
June 29, 2016

How is almost JULY? The Sword Interval Kickstarter is past 50%, but only 9 days left! Back it while you can! I WANT MY BOOK PLZ.

No one cares about Marlin, right? I can go ahead and kill him off, yeah?

I updated the patreon rewards! Due to difficulty in getting reference material to make the $5-$10 reward portraits, I have officially changed the reward to CAST QUESTIONS. Everyone pledging over $5/month can suggest questions. I'll pick 1-4 each month depending on difficulty of answering, and upload answers IN COMIC FORM exclusively to patreon. Patrons can submit questions through email (, by commenting on any post on Patreon, or by sending me a message on Patreon. Be sure to pick a character or characters to ask the question of! I'll compile a list so no one forgets what has been asked.

If you are a patron who has yet to receive your portrait and still wants it, please, email me a pic to use! XD This change does not effect any in-progress portraits, and even if you already got your portrait, you can still pose questions <3 All patrons will be able to see the answers, but only those pledging more than $5/month can submit questions.

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