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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 103
June 8, 2016

I bet right now Sarrah is wishing she had Scot's precog ability instead of her "postcog" power!

We got a new Patron on Monday! Welcome, Minno! I will shortly be reaching out to you for a portrait reference :) Minno and other awesome patrons fund the extra Monday updates, as well as keep this site ad free. Every time we reach a new goal, that's another update each month, and more that's stored up to print this story at the end (and the faster we get there ;)

The goal for the next extra update is $200--$62 away. At $200/month, I bank about $20/page (~10 updates per month), which is pretty sweet!

No poll today, looks like you guys are getting a bit bored with it. Thanks for participating in the ones I put up! Glad to see nearly all of you are reading other SpiderForest comics. I realized a bit belatedly I should have added a third option: WTF is SpiderForest, lol. In case you didn't know--it's that awesome webcomics collective I'm a part of. :D Like Hiveworks, except not Hiveworks. We do different things. Plus, SF has been around way longer ;)

EDIT: I realize it's hard to keep up with multiple plot lines when you can' binge read a whole story, so here's a synopsis of the story arc involving Sarrah:

Sarrah volunteered to barter Peter to Arthur

Sarrah has been "gently" attempting to get Colbey to act, and reveals insider information about Alpha Omega.

Sarrah is not a fan of Arthur, and found out that Arthur has a body double for Colbey that he's using to coerce Peter into working for him.

Sarrah may have been doing some of these things at Marlin's request, and demanded that the body double not be harmed in the course of Marlin's plan. This allowed Arthur to actually get his message into the City, which no one expected.

Hopefully that gets everyone up to speed!

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