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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 100
June 1, 2016

Page 100!!

(of this chapter). Patrons can view Friday's page on the WiT feed.

Also, because I'm super curious, a quick poll for What it Takes readers!

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For a lot of webcomics, a great many readers also happen to be creators of their own comics, which makes our community a little insular. I'm curious what percentage of my readers aren't already part of the webcomic creator community.

For today's page...I try to keep the "supernatural" elements of this comic to a minimum. It's not about that. But Scot claimed to be a precog, and Sarrah hears voices, and every Alpha Omega has some sort of skill that makes them different. There are of course, alternative explanations if the supernatural doesn't suit you. Perhaps Scot simply suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. And Sarrah hasn't been able to find Risperidone for quite awhile. Either way, no one questions the word of an Alpha Omega.

But maybe they should?

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