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Patreon Previews
May 31, 2016

What it Takes Patrons can see this week's 2 pages up early on the What it Takes Patreon feed! Pledge only $1/month, and you get access to the feed <3

Thank you patrons, for your continued backing of this comic as I really start sinking my teeth into the end of this story XD

Also, because I'm super curious, a quick poll for What it Takes readers!

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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 99
May 27, 2016

Not everyone in Driftwood is Team Colbey. Most aren't. When Arthur came in, there was a lot more work everyone had to do, but everyone was better off. Then Arthur tells them they're going to have the City, and Colbey tries to shatter a dream.

Who's the bad guy in this story anyhow?

Catch you WEDNESDAY! The next two Monday updates will start the first full week of June :)

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