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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 93
May 9, 2016

Due to the constraints of updating on a page-by-page basis, I had to chop up these last three pages from their original intent as one giant spread page. If you are a What it Takes patron, you can pop over there and see that. It lets you zoom out a bit to see the themes--dark and light, hope and futility, etc. EDIT: And wednesday's page is up early too!

Thank you--all of you--so much for supporting this comic by reading it, sharing it, leaving comments, linking me on your own sites, and financially supporting its creation through donations or Patreon support. It means the world to me <3

Please remember that every single monday update is Patreon-funded! If you want more updates, we're not too far from the next goal, and all patreon earnings are being banked for the eventual printing of this story as one giant, beautiful, volume.

And don't forget--change your bookmarks! What it Takes is now at! There is a 301 redirect in place that will work for the great majority of you, so hopefully the transition was pretty seamless.

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