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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 91
May 4, 2016

Flashback montage, part I!

See you for part II on Friday. Don't forget to update your bookmarks--What it Takes is now at! And hopefully you all should make it here in one piece thanks to forwarding. If you find any broken links on the site, please let me know! I fixed the archive and cast pages last night, but may have missed a few. There's over 600 pages of news posts, so...unlikely to fix those links ;)

SpiderForest is welcoming back some comics from hiatus this week, as well as one new comic!

Hchano is back with Dream*Scar after some mandatory hand rest! Gotta keep those art hands happy and healthy.

The Sundown Boys returns as a reboot, more sci-fi, but all the gang warfare you've come to love. AND, fancy new site.

Keys is back, and now the utter cliff-hanger we were left with can come to a conclusion! Really looking forward to new pages.

Cat Legend, one of my all time comic faves, is also back and updating regularly!

And our new comic we're welcoming is Arbalest, by the creator of Cetiya! This one just started up, so it's the perfect time for a quick archive binge to get all caught up.

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