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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 85
April 6, 2016

People panicked. They raced past the security guard who was struggling to hold on to Becky and Alex. He must've had Becky around the neck or something. But totally wasn't his fault. Definitely was Colbey's fault for sure.

One last new SpiderForest comic to announce! Check out Black Mudpuppy, which ran through a completed story previously and is now pursuing a bit of an alternate universe/reboot. Come read about Xolotl, a "former" Aztec god trapped in the body of a salamander, and the weird things that happen around him.

Remember, I'm taking the next 2 weeks off, from April 11-24, but comics this week run M, W, F, thanks to wonderful Patrons! If you have any WiT or post-apocalyptic related art I can put up in the mean time, I'd love to showcase you!

This is a crowdfunding campaign from an amazing group to print a comic that looks ridiculously good. I've known people who are part of this creative team for a good many years now, this is a solid and exciting project to back.

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