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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 83
April 1, 2016

Be on the look out today for some awesome SpiderForest April Fools swaps! I have a great one at work I've been planning with some friends, but none for the comic unfortunately!

But hey, Colbey makes the "superhero entrance," right? That's something!

I'm going to take a 2 week break between April 11-25, so if anyone would like to make any guest art I can put up during that time, I would love to post it with some links back to your site/page/content of choice.

Three new SpiderForest comics!

Fans of this comic have of course already heard of and read Derelict! Y'know, that trend-setting, post-apocalyptic, watery wasteland comic by the all mighty Ben Fleuter. Dear readers, if you haven't read this comic yet, do yourself a favor! BINGE.

A new discovery for me during SF admissions, next up is Cosmic Dash! This beautiful sci-fi comic is released in batches of pages, ALSO perfect for a binge. Fans of Firefly and Futurama out to really love this one.

And another new discovery for me that I need to add to Colbey's list on the sidebar, 6 Commando! It's gritty, beautifully illustrated, and an alternate late 1990's cold war. AWESOME.

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