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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 82
March 30, 2016

I take it back. I didn't draw 600+ pages of this comic to show Colbey blowing shit up. No. I just wanted a scene of crawling through unrealistically large ventilation shafts. Next up, jumping out of said shaft. Because YIPPIE KI-YAY.

I have more new Sf comics to share, but will have to edit this post later! Busy busy.

EDIT! Three new SpiderForest comics!

Fans of this comic have of course already heard of and read Derelict! Y'know, that trend-setting, post-apocalyptic, watery wasteland comic by the all mighty Ben Fleuter. Dear readers, if you haven't read this comic yet, do yourself a favor! BINGE.

A new discovery for me during SF admissions, next up is Cosmic Dash! This beautiful sci-fi comic is released in batches of pages, ALSO perfect for a binge. Fans of Firefly and Futurama out to really love this one.

And another new discovery for me that I need to add to Colbey's list on the sidebar, 6 Commando! It's gritty, beautifully illustrated, and an alternate late 1990's cold war. AWESOME.

And uh, I'm just gonna say it because I'm not sure how many people are aware: Colbey's name is spelled with an "E." On purpose. Her last name, "O'Conner" is also spelled with an E. On purpose. ;) Just in case y'all thought there was also 600 pages of name typos going on.

I assure you. I can has spell! Please stop sending me messages about her name being spelled wrong D: I don't care if YOU spell her name "wrong," just please don't tell me I'M spelling it wrong.

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