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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 79
March 21, 2016

"Try," Colbey. Just try.

Will write up a longer news post later today about 3 more new comics at SpiderForest!

EDIT: Still have to sit down and write a newspost, but check this out! Colbs got a cameo in Out of my Element! Can you find the other SpiderForest characters in there? XD Thanks Alli!

EDIT2: Three more new SpiderForest comics to introduce! No more elves, on to the funny and bizarre!

Title Unrelated: I binge-read through this one and groaned like a dying goat when I reached the end. Prepare to hop into another world where 3 siblings search for each other in the middle of a conspiracy.

Witches Get Stitches: Enjoy the intricate, goth-punk-metal art of this one. It's juicy, fun, and dark! Follow a demon in hell. By the well, hell has coffee. And corgis with evil buttholes? Yes.

Bits Fair: Twelve year old boys learn to be mercenaries, 12 year old girls freeze people with their mind and have a little fun. Also, exploding pumpkins.

Please check 'em out!

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