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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 78
March 18, 2016

Remember, when all else fails, spite and hate are perfectly fine motivators.

SpiderForest has some new comics to announce this month! We accepted applications last month, our most competitive round of applications ever. We'll be announcing them in small batches you have a chance to check them all out. Up this week for the fans of high fantasy:

Tamuran: When the dark sorcerers of the land of Inikis were defeated in the Battle of Souls, their country was broken off from the continent and their evil was sealed away. Nine hundred years later, the seal is deteriorating, the magics to maintain it have long since passed from memory, and the sorcerers have had nine centuries to prepare their revengeā€¦

Soul's Journey: An errant prince runs away from his responsibilities (and a planned marriage), and gets turned into a wolf!

Halflight: three students graduate from a university after mastering their magic powers, only to be thrown into a world--and war--they were not prepared for. Their friendships and their peoples' futures are on the line.

More new comics next week, or if you want, you can see our official announcement here!

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