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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 16
July 28, 2010

And finally we get to that tech Colbey mentioned a few updates back!

August is fast approaching, and I'm offering the extra updates every monday of that month as well. However, the price has gone up. These take up about 3 hours per strip, and so even $20 per is under minimum wage. I admit, I'm actually kind of hoping this deters the extra updates a bit, 'cause all these comics are pretty tiring and I'm running out of script! Time to do more writing. Again, however, if you put enough for a full strip ($20) in the pot, you will be sent a complimentary What it Takes issue 1, autographed with an original inked doodle. All the ones from last month have now been sent out, I hope they got there in one piece! If they did not, please let me know and I'll send another.