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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 60
January 27, 2016

Yeah, Toshiro. What's wrong with you. (I'll give you a hint: something is.) Trying to move past the talky talky as fast as possible.

News from Monday!

1. Everyone who spoke up about the patreon total seemed in favor of using the "actual" amount, eg, the amount pledged minus taxes and fees. This amount brings the pledge down to the third goal of 2 extra monday updates each month.

2. I've updated the site a bit. The Trustees and their specialties are listed on the cast page; the fan art SHOULD be updated (if I forgot anyone PLEASE remind me); and the archive is now up to date. I took down the forum link: it hadn't worked in awhile and I'm too busy to fix it.

3. Don't forget! SpiderForest application season starts February 1st.

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