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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 57
January 18, 2016

There isn't really a single panel in pages that doesn't have some sort of important nugget in it. I'll give you the hint here what is the most important panel: #3. Two is also important. Because of Becky. EDIT: Next page is up for Patrons!

Some announcements! First! A good friend of mine wrote a book called The Seamstress and the Sable Knight. She's brought the kindle price of it down to $0.99 to celebrate it's one year anniversary in the storefront! Please check it out! It's a really fun novel full of great moments, battle, fantasy, and fantastic romance.

Second, SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members starting on February 1st! If you make a webcomic that is more than 15 pages, updated regularly, and would fit well with our current line up, check out what we offer! It's a really great community, and I've been a member here since, what, 2006? You couldn't pay me to leave. Great people, great comics. If you don't make a comic, tell your friends who do!

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