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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 14
July 26, 2010

MSB called it! Colbey got what she wanted. Perhaps she knew if she stuck around any longer he'd ask her to do something she didn't want. Like team up, and such. Colbey, team up? Naaaaaaah.

This is the final extra Monday update in July. Since I missed last Friday (I forgot it was Friday, seriously), the comic will update WED, THURS, AND FRIDAY this week. Since you guys pay for extra updates, I won't ever short change you, no worries.

August is fast approaching, and I'm offering the extra updates every monday of that month as well. However, the price has gone up. These take up about 3 hours per strip, and so even $20 per is under minimum wage. I admit, I'm actually kind of hoping this deters the extra updates a bit, 'cause all these comics are pretty tiring and I'm running out of script! Time to do more writing. Again, however, if you put enough for a full strip ($20) in the pot, you will be sent a complimentary What it Takes issue 1, autographed with an original inked doodle. All the ones from last month have now been sent out, I hope they got there in one piece! If they did not, please let me know and I'll send another.