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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 54
January 11, 2016

FINALLY! The people behind the City in a Place! You of course met Snatch awhile ago, and Dr. Gholston (based on an extremely generous Patron of the same name) at the end of Arc 19.

But someone's missing, eh? Where's Toshiro?

We'll get to that in a few pages. Wave to mommy, Alex!

The story behind the founding of the City is something that never really popped up in the story. Even though it's presented in it's current form as a but ruthless in regards to Peter, for the rest of the inhabitants, it's really not that bad. They have comfort, safety, protection. And most importantly, the resources to continue their work. In case you hadn't noticed, most everyone there is a researcher in some form or another. And their goal? To end human disease. At least, that was the goal before the End, when Peter first started it in his idealistic youth.

The CURRENT goal of the City is a long term plan to save the human race. Peter disagreed with the "long term" implementation, among other things.

Anyway! Trivia.

And, cool, 600 pages today! (count starts at 0 in the archive ;)

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