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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 48
December 14, 2015

Happy Monday, folks!

Sorry for not responding to comments lately. For some reason I can't log in to respond from my account, despite disabling all my security add ons... It's frustrating.

You guys are pretty close to the Alpha Omega raison d'etre. Everyone in the organization is deeply religious or spiritual, but on their own terms. While Alpha Omega is a direct reference to the New Testament, it's meaning as the beginning and the end is more pertinent. A tidbit that will likely never make it into the comic is their motto: Saving humanity with humanity.

Trust Scot to make up something that sounds like it came from a--you guessed it--fortune cookie.

The update schedule for the holidays is as follows: I'm updating 3x this week, and then taking 2 weeks off, to return January 4th. And recently Patreon has changed the way it displays the total amount on the pledge page. Instead of being a sum of the pledges, it subtracts fees to show the actual amount earned. Two accounts were declined last month too (no worries), which is why I THINK it's showing ~170 instead of $185. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE the update schedule (3 weeks of MWF updates each month) for the comic. THANK YOU Patrons for you stellar support!

AND! Post cards went out for patrons last week. Those of you in the US should have received them by now, but it should take a little longer for you international folks. <3

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