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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 42
November 30, 2015


I like to think of Prim as Colbey-lite. They are alike enough to hate each others' guts, but I suppose Prim is considered "lawful" and Colbey, "chaotic." I've never really put much stock in character alignments, as I've found them...cloying.

If you've donated to the Vet Debt meter OR have been a Patron at all within the last year AND you'd like to receive a personalized postcard during the month of December, please send me your mailing address! I ordered way more than the dozen or so people who have taken me up on the original offer, so consider it officially expanded.

Catch you Wednesday for the next update! Thank you Patrons for funding 3x updates for 3 weeks through November!

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