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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 35
November 6, 2015

Oh, you done pissed off that Mega now! ...but WHY is she angry? You'll see!

As this is the end of this particular scene, and I usually take a week long break in chapters (which are usually 30-40 pages long), I'm taking a break next week!

Pages resume NOVEMBER 16th!

I did this earlier at the end of the second scene of the chapter, so here's a recap of what you learned in this scene!

The Sheriff wants Peter to know Arthur doesn't have Colbey.
The Sheriff is doing this behind Arthur's back.
The Sheriff knows about the note Peter got, as well as Peter's code name, "escapist."
Despite knowing Colbey is free, Peter is playing along (at the Sheriff's encouragement).
Arthur needs Peter to get in contact with the City.
Arthur thinks Alpha Omega are trying to convert him. Or something.
Sarrah knows about Avalon
Avalon is where the dead King Arthur from the myth went.
Arthur is taking Imatinib, and his bottle is empty.
Arthur knows he's running out of time.
Arthur has a body double for Colbey to make good on any threats.
Sarrah severely disapproves of Arthur's plan for the body double.

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