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Inktober Guest Art!
October 10, 2015

TWO years in a row now, Varethane of Chirault has made these gorgeous Inktober portraits of What it Takes characters! Last year was Colbey, this year is Scot! Man I really need to update my gallery page D:

Please for the love of all that is awesome go check out Chirault!

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 24
October 9, 2015

Patrons, current or past (or future, before December 1), if you want me to mail you a post card this holiday season, please send me your mailing address ( and a link to your Patreon profile page so I know it's you. I will include a drawing on the What it Takes-themed post card. I will periodically put out a reminder for those who may miss this notice. I will NOT mail anything to anyone who doesn't contact me specifically for that would be pretty stalkerish.

Peter caves! Or plays along! And today is my birthday. Way to ruin it, Peter.

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True Magic: Per the awesome tagline of this comic, it contains the essential ABCs: Adventure, Bishounen, and Comedy. Sometimes I think WiT needs way more bishies, lol.

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Accursed Dragon: Cursed and transformed into a dragon, Coven wanders around trying to perform enough good deeds to break the curse. Coven...isn't very good and being good.

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