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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 20
September 30, 2015

And on to Peter and Sheriff Bob! What it Takes received a review from Pretty Cool Webcomics, check it out! If you've got a tumblr, I'd also really appreciate a reblog.

SpiderForest is welcoming a new group of comics again this week. Be sure to check them out!

Retroblade: Shards of an ancient weapon have the power to change the fate of a dying world. Also, this dude needs jam. Time travel!

The Demon Archives: Minerva. Y'all better know this one--fans of What it Takes will enjoy Tenzin and his teenage AI "Jane" kicking ass. Ok, well, mostly getting their asses kicked. But I think payback on the way?

The Ferrin: A young researcher visits a protected alien world to study the Ferrin, an intelligent species of animal. Traffickers attack, and to protect the Ferrin, Elanor must survive in the wild, forbidden reaches of the planet.

Again, the above is my personal impression of each comic. But no matter what, I recommend them all!

PS--thank you, generous Patrons for another month of funding!

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