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Arc 20 - Page 19
September 25, 2015

And we're done with Colbey and the City for a bit, next, on to Peter! What have you learned in the past 17 pages? Quite a lot I hope:

Ariel is probably not heterosexual
Ariel had been forced to come on to Peter
Ariel resents doing Toshiro's bidding
Ariel is the youngest Trustee.
Ariel was doing things to protect Becky, but won't be anymore. Becky apparently has her own protection.
Ariel has officially moved against Toshiro to side with Colbey
Colbey has been catching up with Alex and Becky
Colbey has been testing the limits of her freedom there with Alex and Becky's help
Colbey is considered a [politcal] prisoner
Alex and Becky's parents are Trustees.
Colbey knows Peter isn't in the City and that the City thinks Arthur has him
Colbey has to convince the City to go to war against Arthur
Colbey and Toshiro are on opposite sides.

A lot of times with my script writing, I feel like I fall short in out-right SAYING things, because I really hate being told thing as a reader. I'm told my dialogue can be vague, and I'm trying hard to be more obvious with things. If you don't see all of that up there with minimal effort and assumption based on character interaction, I'd really love to know. Feel free to drop a comment. I'll let me know whether I need to be even more obvious in my narration.

More new SpiderForest comics to introduce today!

Random Battles: New kid on the block (well, island) who is OBSESSED with magical girls just finds out that this very special island has a real one. Meanwhile, one mom just signed on to work for a company with overtones of global domination, and the other just got hired at a freaky antiques store. I know, I know, what antiques store ISN'T freaky?

Xylobone Tomes: A wizard, who also happens to be a skeleton (yeah, like full on Discworld Death, awesome), and his adorable side-kick go on magic adventures involving dwarves and giant bugs. There is snark.

Witchery, Etc.: It's like Kiki's Delivery Service, except Kiki is illegal, her cat is a man with a pumpkin head, and by the way, ogres are attacking.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of my descriptions, as that was my feel reading through them all! But I can say with certainty, they're all fun reads!

Catch ya next Wednesday!

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