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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 13
September 9, 2015


Unless you did it for a good reason.

Which she did. Which you'll see on Friday.

PS--you saw something similar with Peter way back in Chapter 11. Short story: bio electrodes. Slightly less short story: they store a finite charge.

A discussion with my fellow creators over at SpiderForest has made me really interested in ratings pertaining to popular entertainment, and how ratings are perceived by the community. This is different than the definition of a rating. If anyone has a few minutes, Id really appreciate it if you could fill out this 10 question survey.

Some questions do SEEM repetitive, but I assure you each question is seeking to get at a specific answer. Other questions are deliberately vague in order to not be leading. Thank you! Should take 3-5 minutes.

PLEASE share it with your friends, I need a few, uh, hundred people to take it.

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