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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 8 Inks
August 26, 2015

Man, I am so looking forward to a weekend with time to get ahead on this comic again. I also changed my mind about the abrupt transition to Colbey, so I added this page to the script. They're overlooking the cafeteria, where Colbs is hanging out with Alex and Becky, hearing tales of Peter's misdeeds.

Horrible deadline week this week. FOUR abstracts to get in, two submitted already. Taking the majority of my mental energy, sorry. Finished page will be up later. But hey, it's that guy again! James, please feel free to send me any corrections! I didn't get a chance to email you beforehand since I added the page last minute. Bad Kez, Bad.

Vet Debt meter keeps inching up--only $6964 away from making The Longest Goodbye free for all! Thanks for the continual support! Yay!

Finally--I got engaged! Yay!

Yes, I'm leaving you with that juicy tidbit. Catch you later!

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