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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 7
July 8, 2010

Oh yes. Do we remember Alex's little fainting spell? It must have been quite embarrassing! So let's hear it: who thinks these two are going to team up? Would I introduce the major players early on? Will the cast grow quickly? WILL COLBEY AND ALEX END UP KISSING LIEK OMG.

The answer to that last question is: NO.

Wow, this story goes so fast when I update M/W/F. Very cool. Lots of work at the 11th hour (literally), but fun that I've already reached 50 strips. Quite the milestone in under a year! At least, for me.

The books to the individuals who put $15 or more into the extra page pot will get them sent out on Saturday! I just finally had the time to draw in them today. Sorry for the delay!