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Saiyan Arthur
June 9, 2015

Hey WiT readers,

I just got back from four days of weapons training, and yes, am exhausted. Pages will resume on Friday! Just think of the training as necessary experience for drawing action scenes here at What it Takes...?

So here's an awesome portrait by the amazing Hab Oh! I requested any WiT character drawn in the DBZ universe, a reward for backing Habs' Patreon!

Please check out and support his work! He's got quite a list of comics he works on (the list and synopses are available on his Patreon page), and if you want to check out the flavor, head on over to read EPIC Ethel or Qi-Boon!

Speaking of portraits, Hab Oh's character Ethel also got the portrait treatment, as a character in the WiT universe! Check it out on the Thank You page.

Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 24
June 5, 2015

It's friday!

I am off to martial arts camp!

Four days of glorious kickassery. I will hopefully get some comics done too!

Commissions are on hold until I get back--sorry!

Also, Colbey is referencing this previous conversation.

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