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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 6
July 5, 2010

Hey all! Welcome to your first extra Monday update for July! (Per usual, monday updates will probably occur in the afternoon, just FYI). I am ecstatic to announce that thanks to a few wonderful readers, there will be Monday updates all of July! We're actually $10 OVER the goal, which is pretty cool. If someone wants to put $5 more into the pot, I'll update one of these coming Thursdays. Totally NOT opposed to even more updates all of July. $15 or more gets you a complimentary What it Takes mailed to you with an original doodle inside!

For those of you who make webcomics as well, you may find this of interest! SpiderForest (the place that hosts all of my comics) is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. It's an awesome place to be, with all the perks of being part of a collective while still fully holding the reins to your site. Check out the rules to apply here!

And in other news, Alex has a point. You can't help everyone. Choose your causes wisely.