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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 9
April 24, 2015

EDIT: added an important panel--kicking the fallen gun away.

I have been in near constant pain all week and have no buffer left again. You can vote anyway if you want.

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This page isn't very realistic. The techniques are good, yeah, but dude would've gotten a shot off likely, never mind that kind of cut is really hard to get through denim. And only an idiot would round a corner with a firearm extended. BUT. Comic. We're going with Arthur's goons aren't as good as they like to think they are, and that Colbs' knives are really effin' sharp.

The patreon total AND the vet debt total continue to increase! For patreon, more support=more monday updates (the next two being the first 2 weeks of may). And vet debt (paying off all the vet bills treating my Indy before he passed) is only $115 away from making the next $5 DLC (Longest Goodbye) free for all readers. Either way you support me, everyone gets stuff! And I pay bills. Yaaaaay.

There are some kickstarters going for friends and for people whose comics I read. Please check out Sombulus' 2015 print run kickstarter, as well as The Last Cowboy's volume I kickstarter!

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