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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 8
April 22, 2015

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Ok, from here on out I'm not describing anything being shown in the comic further than what is actually on the pages, for good reason. I'm really toeing the line just drawing it. The only thing I'll discuss is Colbey's absolute idiocy about attempting this course of action. But hey--it's a comic. You come here to read about the protagonist majorly screwing up while getting out [mostly] alive.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about...good. Continue on your way.

The patreon total AND the vet debt total continue to increase! For patreon, more support=more monday updates (the next two being the first 2 weeks of may). And vet debt (paying off all the vet bills treating my Indy before he passed) is only $115 away from making the next $5 DLC (Longest Goodbye) free for all readers. Either way you support me, everyone gets stuff! And I pay bills. Yaaaaay.

There are some kickstarters going for friends and for people whose comics I read. Please check out Sombulus' 2015 print run kickstarter, as well as The Last Cowboy's volume I kickstarter!

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