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Arc 3 - A City in a Place - Page 5
July 1, 2010

Someone please tell me what happened to June? Srslywtf.

This City in a Place sounds like a good de---oh. They're THAT kind of city, eh? Full of post-apocalyptic snobs. It's like being back in Junior High during lunch! D:

Be sure to tune in Monday, July 5th for the first scheduled Monday extra update! We're only 10 bucks short on a second extra update. The more I update, the faster the story moves ;) Have no fear however, the comic will continue to update Wed/Fri regardless of the extra update schedule. It's only $15 per extra page if anyone is feeling particularly generous. Purchase a whole page for everyone and you'll get a complimentary What it Takes issue 1 in print (with an original doodle inside!).

The cast and archive pages have been updated! There's a bit of extra information on our newest character, Alex.