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Patreon Plug
March 17, 2015

Just another patreon plug that Patrons get to view pages early. I just uploaded the cover for Chapter 19, so head on over! Only $1/month gets you access to early pages. Plus, all funds now go toward printing this story as a single volume when it's all over.

But don't worry! There's probably about at LEAST another 6 months left of updates, if not more.

The patreon has lost some support over the past few weeks (no worries folks, I'm only so happy you chose to support me as long as you did!), and if it loses much more, the second week of MWF updates is in jeopardy. Buuuuut if there's more support you get 3 weeks of those updates each month. Just sayin'.

Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 24
March 13, 2015

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Sick. Sick sick sick. Dying. Any strength he has left is only for show.

Happy Friday the 13th again! Chapter's over in 2 more pages.

Still enjoying Helix. Less gripey now that it's far enough in to be totally different that WiT. Also, I find myself feeling superior because the science I present here is legit. Helix's science and protocols are ridiculous to say the least. HEY LET'S DO AN MRI IN 10 MINUTES AND READ IT BECAUSE WE'RE ALSO TRAINED RADIOLOGISTS hahahahaha

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