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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 22
March 9, 2015

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So in the search for new things to watch on Netflix, I stumbled across Helix, and my gosh I'm like super pissed.

It's like What it Takes set in Antarctica, from Peter's perspective. It's one of those things like juuuuuust similar enough to make me think I'm unoriginal, but different enough to be a completely separate entity. Luckily my stuff came out years before the show.

Argh. SYFY! >.< Least it's got zombie-like patients and I don't.

PS, the rest of this chapter is up on the Patreon feed for all Patrons supporting >$1. The chapter closes on Friday, March 19th, I take a week off, and then the next chapter, Punctuated Equilibrium, begins March 30th.

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