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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 20
March 4, 2015

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I SENSE A BUT COMING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Is Arthur as big a dick as Colbey makes him out to be? Tune in on Friday to find out what you already know!

So, my new dog? He walks on two legs and he talks in approximate English and he climbs trees. I'm about convinced that I didn't adopt a dog but instead an alien of some sort disguised as a dog. I just never have my camera on me when these things happen urgh.

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I keep forgetting to plug it, but my buddy Hab Oh has just started a new comic, Qi-Boon! The pilot story is titled Glutton's Punishment, and is now fully available. In the words of Hab:

Paying homage with a hodgepodge of 80s/90s themes and culture, QiBoon, features a predominantly Asian/Mixed cast of Monster Hunters for hire. This rag tag team offers up premium hunting services---at a price--though clients don't always hold up the end of their bargain. It's hard getting by in an age where Hunters are-a-plenty. Fortunately for our mercs, Miosohsan is ripe with vicious beasts ready for the slaying---all in beautiful, juicy colors.

This issue, Glutton's Punishment, is a short story about a couple of our soon-to-be beloved Hunters, a giant pig beast; and what happens when people get a little bit too greedy. It's going to be one radical week long event, so stay fresh and we'll see you around!

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