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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 18
February 27, 2015

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New dog. Demands constant attention. Comic time what? But for a shelter dog, he is incredibly well-adjusted. And wicked smart. I must channel his energy for good!

I usually try to make each and every update here contain--if obliquely-- something important to the story. This is one of those pages where I wonder if it works. If I were making a comic for print only and you readers could read the whole thing in one sitting, there'd be a lot more scenery shots and just world stuff, but with webcomics that's kind of hard unless you update in batches or frequently. Webcomics that spend so much time on environment or world but update infrequently? Super hard to build a reliable audience. So it's story story story here as much as I can. I bet that makes pacing a little hawkward, and I assume I'll go back and add time/space/environment panels when I finally prep the story for print.

PS: The important piece on this page is panel 2. It's the cane. Arthur moved the cane again. Small but important.

See you in March! (ON MONDAY!)

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