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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 15
February 18, 2015

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Sorry guys, the beard is done. Arthur's many regulations on personal appearance don't include untrimmed beards and long hair on men. Because he's an ass. Like you didn't know that!

You can tell how I feel about regulations on personal appearance... My opinion on that is pits to bottom of crack, I don't want to see it at work. Otherwise, have at it.

In other news, after about two months of my personal emotional hell, my boyfriend and I decided to adopt a dog. On Friday the dog gets the snip-snip, Monday he's mine. I am very excited. I think I shall name him Murdoch, as his current name, Titus, references Titus Andronicus, and I'd rather not think of that every time I call his name. Thank you, Anthony Hopkins.

Peace out folks. I need to recover from today's skiing adventure. My body forgot I'm not six years old anymore and things change when you decide to go over a jump. Things like gravity. D:

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