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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 12
February 11, 2015

Vote to see the next page early! In case you hadn't noticed, it looks like the vote incentive doesn't really update until midnight PST, so if you keep getting an old incentive, that's why!

Patrons can view pages scheduled up until February 25th over on the creator feed.

That's 4 pages ahead! Remember, next week, we go back to W/F updates for the rest of the month. Of course, if you want to become a Patron, the next goal is three weeks of MWF updates each and every month.

If you guys like WiT for the post-apocalyptic scene and the female lead, please check out The Hues! Alex has put together a killer kickstarter that I recommend funding!

In others, as per usual with my dialogue, things are said without saying them. Because that's how I talk in real life, I dunno. But Colbey is saying really really important here so I hope you catch it!

Catch ya on FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! :D

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