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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 4
January 21, 2015

It wasn't even her hat.

A reminder, the raffle for a piece of art, either this or this, closes at the end of January. 19 people bought Avalon before it went up for free, and quite a few people donated money separately for my Vet Debt campaign (see right sidebar). Since no one has voiced an objection, I'm going to include those who donated separate apart from Avalon in the raffle, in $5 increments. So if anyone else wants in on the raffle, you can still purchase other stories, or donate separately. Winner will be drawn on February 1st. Felt good to just dump a few hundred on my debt in my previous payment D:

Well, kinda good. Money in, money gone. Two more reminders: 1, WiT will update MWF the rest of January to make up for missing the first week of January; 2, the Vet Debt meter will not have a time limit, so if you want more stories available for free, you can donate or purchase things to be added to the meter-->

Comic of the Week is Dream*Scar!

Vix is half unhuman, a kind of supernatural, humanoid creature that lives among humans, but has capabilities beyond any human. Too bad no one really told her much about that, and she doesn't even know what she's capable of until she like accidentally slaughters half her classmates. Literally carried off to a safehouse by a albino "guardian angel" who probably has way too many perverted thoughts about everything, Vix meets her real parents--the douchebag vampire leader of the Unhumans, and her bartender of a Vanilla human mother. Also, there are adorable baby werewolves. Highly recommended, so have at it!

I WILL NOT FORGET TODAY! My bestie Mary Sneddon just published her amazing fantasy novel, The Seamstress and the Sable Knight. I got to read this story from page 1 as it was being written. What an amazing experience! I also had the honor of buying the very first copy. Those fantasy addicts out there, please check out the story! Available digitally as well.

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