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Arc 18 - Written in the Stars - Page 2
January 16, 2015

Man, Sarrah, that's the second time you've pulled that!

One of the things that got gutted from the story is how Arthur has changed life at Driftwood. In the beginning of the story, Colbey mused about the old desk jobs everyone used to hate, but they didn't know how good life was. Arthur has brought some of that life back. Shifts. Work. Instant coffee reserves. Pushing the population into complacency...;)

Comic of the week (from like 3 weeks ago) is From the Machine.

SpiderForest offers a lot of spectacular comics, but From the Machine, unlike many of us, boasts a fully-traditional, hand-inked and toned style. It's steampunk, it's adventure, it's got pyromaniacs and bards. Please go check it out!

From Monday's update: The 22-page story of Avalon is now available in the archives, starting here.

Since Avalon is now free, that kind of closes off the raffle entries, I guess? What I can do is add all donations until January 31 into the raffle drawing, in $5 increments. And/or all purchases of other stories. What do you readers think? Originally I said the raffle was closed to purchases of Avalon only, so if any of those 19 people would feel it's unfair, I wouldn't open it. If there are no objections, I will include all of those who donated. If you don't feel comfortable commenting, email me privately at

See you Friday!

EDIT: accidentally uploaded an old version of the sidebar. The CORRECT total is now shown. Whoops! Sorry about that. Also, wow, there seem to be a disproportionate number of generous folks in Australia. Well, we all already knew that was the coolest continent anyway...

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